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Beginners Guide to Instagram Stories

Free Webinar

April 26th, Wednesday

11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern

Webinar by Alla Bogdan

Webinar's author and speaker is Alla Bogdan, chief content marketer at PromoRepublic. Her posts and methods are widely published and discussed at Social Media Examiner, The Next Web, Social Media Today and more. Her experience in creating hundreds of content plans and social media strategies made her a beautiful guru of modern web marketing.

Beginners Guide to Instagram Stories

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Beginners Guide to Instagram Stories

This Month's Webinar Topics:

Hosted by Alla Bogdan - social media specialist, consultant, influencer

Being a social media marketer means keeping your fingers on the pulse every single day.  As this industry evolves, so do the SoMe strategies. Most will spend their time researching blogs and YouTube videos seeking the latest updates and promises of ways to attract fans, convert leads and drive traffic. Trust me, we know there are tons of tutorials out there to choose from. The question is - How do you choose? Which one’s are really going to help you?
It’s quite simple, really! All you need are 15 minute step by step tutorials to help polish your skills to perfection.


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PromoRepublic is especially great because it eliminates the need for a graphic designer. The templates are so sleek and professional that all I have to do is add my own text and logo and GO! I'm glad I found them.

As a busy Social Media Consultant, I'm always searching for new content. When creating campaign with PromoRepublic, I was initially skeptical. In just one day I was hooked. The ROI on the campaign was tremendous!

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