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The event took place on January 16-17th, 2019. 14 successful agency owners and marketers were sharing solid gold tips on how to make it big for 2019. The great thing: the Summit is 100% on-demand now, register below to access the recordings.

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform with content on tap that can be fully white-labeled. 

It’s designed specifically for agencies and freelancers to ease collaboration with clients and save tons of time spent on content creation.

PromoRepublic serves 16,500+ agencies, small businesses, and marketers.

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How to Fill your Sales Funnel with High-Quality Leads from Your Personal Brand 

Dylan Hey, Owner of Hey Digital agency, Head of Agency Growth at PromoRepublic

7 Tactics of Targeted Email Outreach to Get More Clients for Your Agency 

Daniel Zinoviev, Sales Representative at

Kari DePhillips, SEO expert, the owner of The Content Factory agency

Growth Study: How We Use SEO to Acquire New Clients (and You Can, Too!)

How to Scale Your Agency Leveraging Free Software and Resources

Juan Felipe Campos, Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator. Growth & Customer Acquisition Freelancer at AND CO from Fiverr.

How to Create Magnetic Content in an Age Where Everyone Is Screaming for Attention

Dennis Yu, Chief Executive Officer at BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults.

Agency Growth: a Step-by-step Process to Get More Clients via Facebook Inception

Gilles de Clerk, Founder & Growth Strategist at Ablaze Growth Studio, Startup Mentor at Startup Wise Guys

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Social Media Marketing and Agency Insights from Ogilvy

Alla Bogdan, Marketing Coordinator at Ogilvy, New Zealand. Content Marketing coordinator at PromoRepublic
Dylan Hey, Owner of Hey Digital agency, Head of Agency Growth at PromoRepublic 

How to Boost Your Clients’ CTR on Social with Branded Links

Sean Connoly, Digital Marketing Executive and Video Content Creator at Rebrandly

Max Pecherskiy, Digital Marketing Expert, Co-Founder and CEO at PromoRepublic

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019: What Do You Need to be Prepared For

10 Tips to Create an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2019

Quinn Tempest, Digital Strategist, Designer, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Speaker

5 Easy Market Research Tactics That Convince Clients To Increase Budgets

Josh Braaten, CEO and Co-founder of BrandishInsights, a brand measurement, and consumer insights company 

5 Secrets to Get Maximum ROI From Influencer Marketing in 2019

Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant

Facebook Ads Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Promote Your Clients in 2019

Gavin Bell, Facebook Advertising Consultant, award-winning entrepreneur, a renowned vlogger with millions of views

Master Email for Ecommerce: How to Give Your Customers an Experience Amazon Can't

Brendan Lorentz, Channel Partner Manager at Drip

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We Couldn’t Have Done This Without the Experts From

This was a 2-day online summit with a Live Session, Live Q&A, and Recorded Lectures.

You'll learn how to get more clients for your business via your personal brand, inbound marketing, and email outreach. The experts will share the tips on how to scale your agency and advance your processes with the help of different tools.

Don't miss out on what 1,600+ other agency owners, marketing professionals, and freelancers learned on the Agency & Freelancer Growth Online Summit 2019. 

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Fast forward your agency business in 2019

Krzysiek Adamski  Agency Owner

Great value for me. I’ve already started doing and changing my steps.

Lorenzo Allen Agency Owner

I’ve gone through the influence training by Shane Baker. Love the golden nuggets!

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About PromoRepublic

14 lectures from experts

Lifetime access to the recordings after the Summit

Lifetime access to the Agency & Freelancer Community

What you'll get:

As well as running his own digital marketing agency, Dylan is the host of a top 15 iTunes podcast called, "The Social Media Growth Show."

He manages his own community of over 1,000+ business owners and his work has been featured by companies like Buzzfeed, Thrive, and Future Sharks.

The Summit Was Co-hosted by Dylan Hey

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Speakers will also keep you up with the latest trends in social media marketing industry: tricks you better use in Facebook ads, Instagram marketing essentials in 2019, how to get the most of working with influencers and Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019 by Max Pecherskyi, CEO and Co-Founder at PromoRepublic.

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Genevieve O'Neil Agency Owner

I loved it and can't tell you how valuable it has been, both in terms of practical free advice on ways to build my business (which is honestly scary after leaving a corporate organization), but also in terms of confidence building.

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