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Increase your online presence and sales with social pages, custom posts and targeted ads to deliver more customers.

Visual Content

Double your social engagement with visual posts and creative copywriting. Our professional graphic designers and copywriters are on Top of their Game with the latest Visual Trends. 

What is included in
Social Media Package?

Balanced content plan with 15 pieces of content tailored for you

+ social media promotion = all you need to get decent results

Curated Content

Show your expertise! Your content calendar will be brimming with links to articles relevant to your business . We are here to make your life easy, so we scan and review the best content pieces out there.

Video & GIFs

Get more reach now! Facebook loves Videos and GIFs.  It rewards pages with this type of content, with more organic reach.

Facebook Ads

Let’s start doing paid ads on Facebook! We will promote top performing posts with additional $20 paid boost.

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