Looking for Social Media Marketing Software for Your Agency?

On this page, we’re comparing the top 8 social media marketing products to show how you can benefit more from using PromoRepublic than from any other tools.

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Let’s sum up all the things we mentioned. Unlike all the compared tools, PromoRepublic has the following pros: 

  • The set of White-Label Solutions that includes limited White-Label Client Interface, Sales and Educational Materials. 
  • The ability to resell Social Monitoring and Paid Ads.
  • Content as a Service: we save your time and create content for your clients.
  • The library of 100,000+ customizable templates and post ideas.
  • PromoRepublic saves a minimum of $368 annually.

Plus, we’re working hard to level up the first versions of these features:

  • The ability to answer and assign a team member to mentions in Social Monitoring.
  • More options for advanced Reporting, so you’ll be able to build and export reports for your clients.

Let's Review

So why not consider joining PromoRepublic?

Social Media Marketing Software for Agencies

Only 2 tools provide content creation options on the market, but there is no huge library of unique and handcrafted templates. Buffer offers a tool named Pablo, and Sendible has an integration with Canva. Speaking of PromoRepublic, there are more opportunities to post great visuals. 

  • It has a library with 100,000+ ready-to-use templates for 20 industries. These are handcrafted by a team of professional designers and copywriters.
  • You can use a built-in Graphics Editor that helps create posts from scratch with zero design skills required.
  • Or, you can outsource your content creation ordering Content as a Service. We'll create and deliver content templates tailored specifically to your client's business.

Sure, Buffer, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, AgoraPulse are really good tools for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. PromoRepublic is also great at scheduling and has essential features for monitoring mentions and reporting. However, only PromoRepublic and Sendible offer a White-Label Client Interface where you can invite your customers to simplify approval and collaboration process.

Unlike Sendible, with PromoRepublic you can resell to your clients a whole bunch of white-labeled solutions: Social Monitoring and Paid Ads.
Additionally, you get White-Labeled Sales Materials and Educational Program. It supports and helps your agency improve its client engagement.

1. PromoRepublic helps to increase revenue with White-Label Solutions

Unlike Buffer, SproutSocial, AgoraPulse, Hootsuite and Social Pilot, PromoRepublic allows setting up a separate collaboration space where you can define a role for every client and team member.

No matter how many clients you work with, they won’t be able to peek in a content plan that is not theirs. They’ll have a Client Interface with limited access just to leave their notes, edits, and approvals in one place.

So you’ll get rid of the mess with tons of emails, spreadsheets, and other tools.

3. PromoRepublic improves your approval process

2. PromoRepublic is a source of great content

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And here is why. We did some calculations for the agency that:

  • manages 30 social media accounts,
  • requires approval workflow features,
  • needs to monitor mentions of the clients.

Sadly, Planable and SocialPilot don't have Monitoring feature, so we decided to exclude them from our pricing comparison table.

We took prices of annual plans (if any) or multiplied monthly prices to compare. The result is: the difference between the annual price of PromoRepublic and other tools starts at $368 and rises up to $5768. Choosing PromoRepublic will save you this money. 



4. PromoRepublic is a good deal for its big bunch of features

Monthly Price



Sprout Social





Annual Price













PromoRepublic offers a 20% discount on the annual plan.  
*Sendible offers $169/mo instead of $199/mo if you buy the annual plan.

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