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The data collected among 107 agency owners gave us insights on the shift in the industry. We presented it in a 70-page report through various metrics and expert tips.

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I wish I had access to the data earlier and improved my growth strategy. I was among those 20% who wanted to close down their agency.

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The State of the Marketing Agency Industry in 2019

Report created & published by PromoRepublic

- Paul from South Pole Media

- Dylan from Hey Digital

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Dennis Yu

Dylan Hey

Mandy McEwen

Dan Knowlton

Gavin Bell

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Do you know what prevents 45% of agencies from growing? What services to sell to make $100,000+ per year? And what your work-life balance depends on? You can find the correlation in the charts.

Agency experts have already passed through all the stages of growth and know how to deal with challenges. Luckily, they are open to mentoring and shared their opinions of the main industry trends.

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