Growing Direct Sales via Social Media Marketing:

 How to Empower Representatives to Shine on Social

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PromoRepublic is the solution for multi-location and MLM businesses to build and grow social media presence at representatives level. It provides the head office and representatives with improved content delivery and customization experience. As a result, representatives maintain posting consistency and succeed on social media, thereby growing sales for business benefits.

On-demand Webinar 

Richard Buehn Trainer & Coach

Well explained and rationale for anyone who wants to drive success to their business. I’m grateful for the opportunity you shared with the webinar attendees. It has been a very informative experience!

Mary Ann Markowitz Recruiter

Great event! Thank you guys for taking the time to share your talents with us. Setting up a new coaching business and think this will be a great addition for me. Love it for my recruiting business already.

Rick Hogan Social Media Specialist

Thank you for the quality of your webinars and for your enthusiasm when delivering them. Your content together with the organization, flow and pace or your presentations is excellent!

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The earlier your representatives learn how to master social media, the more sales they will drive to your business. Explore how to help them and get ready to provide essential knowledge and tools.
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Growing Direct Sales via Social Media Marketing: How to Empower Representatives to Shine on Social 

9 AM PST / 12 PM EST, Wednesday, December 4th

What makes social media a top marketing channel for network businesses
Pillars of effective social media marketing for direct sales
How successful network brands build relationships and engage on social media
How to inspire representatives and help them use social media to the maximum

Reputation, communication, and trust are the main sales-drivers in network marketing. That’s why Social Media has easily become the number one marketing channel for network businesses. To derive the most benefit from it, marketing managers & directors need to know its pillars and inspire representatives to perform on social.

Raakkel Sims, Head of Strategic Partnerships at PromoRepublic, will give you the keys to mastering social media channels and the tools to make it smooth for your representatives. Together you’ll explore how worldwide MLM brands leverage from social media marketing and take over the best practices.

Raakkel is the Head of Business Development at PromoRepublic and currently is focusing on Strategic Partnerships with MLM and Multi-location Brands. She has 2 years of experience at PromoRepublic and a strong background as a Customer Success team leader. Raakkel is an expert in local social media marketing, tools for improved collaboration and processes. Her passion is identifying opportunities for B2B customers and key consumer targets.

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Raakkel Sims
Head of Business Development @ PromoRepublic


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