Richard Buehn Trainer & Coach

Well explained and rationale for anyone who wants to drive success to their business. I’m grateful for the opportunity you shared with the webinar attendees. It has been a very informative experience!

Mary Ann Markowitz Recruiter

Great event! Thank you guys for taking the time to share your talents with us. Setting up a new coaching business and think this will be a great addition for me. Love it for my recruiting business already.

Rick Hogan Social Media Specialist

Thank you for the quality of your webinars and for your enthusiasm when delivering them. Your content together with the organization, flow and pace or your presentations is excellent!

What People Say About Our Webinars

COVID-19 is reshaping the world. Franchise businesses need to adjust and find their place in the new normal. PromoRepublic has partnered up with David Chapman from 919 Marketing Co agency to explore what marketing strategies work for franchise businesses today.

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How to Turn Marketing Communications
into a Runway for Your Business

Raakkel is the Head of Strategic Partnerships with Franchise and Multi-location Brands at PromoRepublic. She’s devoted to helping businesses come up with sustainable marketing decisions that work best for them.

Meet the Speakers

Raakkel Sims
Head of Strategic Partnerships @ PromoRepublic 


What marketing strategies work for franchise businesses these days
How to turn content into conversations with your franchisees and their customers
How to help franchisees build relationships with local audiences

How to use marketing channels to communicate with customers

How to make people involved with your content

How to use employee advocacy

Emergency Marketing: 
How to Market Your Business 
During the COVID-19 Crisis

On-demand Webinar for Franchise Brands

David Chapman is the founder and CEO of Raleigh NC based 919 Marketing Co. The company is currently recognized by INC as the fastest growing franchise marketing agency in the U.S.

This webinar will cover:

Want to learn more about PromoRepubliс?

PromoRepublic provides a centralized platform for social media marketing at both national and local levels. As a result, locations are involved and more active on social media than ever before, while the head office stays in control to keep communication with local audiences consistent.

Our belief is that, as the foundation of the American economy, franchise businesses need to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis and make a bold statement about themselves. That’s why we are currently running a Transformation Program for the brands that haven’t given up and have started to move their products online. It includes consulting sessions on social selling and launch of a platform for online communications.

How to Turn Marketing Communications
into a Runway for Your Business